QUIZ: Did Too Many People See Your Outfit Yesterday for You to Wear It Again Today?

There’s no feeling quite like putting together an outfit you love and strutting around town, new and improved. After a long day of gallivanting about, though, it can be sad to retire your favorite new outfit until it’s socially acceptable to wear again. What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could sneak in another day of good-outfit bliss? Take this quiz to help you decide: Did too many people see my outfit yesterday for me to wear it again today, or can I pretty much get away with murder here?


Did you leave your house yesterday?

1. Nope! Just got dressed for my own sake. I’m a psychopath! 

2. Yeah, but I only went to the grocery store, the coffee shop down the street, my office, a local bar, the E.R. (when I got swept up in a fight at my local bar), and a baseball game. How many people could have seen me, really?


How memorable is the outfit?

1. It’s pretty nondescript. Just some jeans I like. 

2. Are sequins and glitter memorable? I guess that’s the question we should really be asking here. 


Did you draw any special attention to your clothes?

1. Nope! I don’t think anyone even noticed it. Maybe my roommate, John?

2. Well, when I entered a new room I’d say, “GOOD OUTFIT ALERT! GOOD OUTFIT CITY: POPULATION ME!” and point to myself, maybe do a little jig. But I wouldn’t call that “special attention.” It’s just the attention I deserve. 


Are most of your friends’ long-term memories intact?

1. Uh, yes. 

2. Yes for me, too. 


Are you sure?

1. Funnily enough, now that you mention it, my roommate John was in that accident…

2. Yeah, pretty sure they remember things normally.


Did you post any photos of the outfit?

1. Nope! I have very few friends, so there is no one to update. 

2. Do boomerangs count? Because if not, only 10! But if so, 35.  




Mostly 1s: Feel free to wear that outfit again, and none will be the wiser. Hey, and maybe go outside this time? Let the outfit get the attention it deserves and your roommate John get some much-needed rest. 

Mostly 2s: Unfortunately, every single person you know has seen this outfit and hundreds of people you don’t. Way too many people have seen it for you to wear it again today. 100% do not wear it twice in a row. Let it sit for at least a week. Just find something else you like today and – oh, okay cool, yeah, you put it back on. Sure! Live by your own rules!