QUIZ: Are You Even Good Enough to Have Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome can be debilitating, especially when you know you’re trying your very best and still feel like you’re coming up short. But consider this: Are you even good enough to actually have Imposter Syndrome? Like, maybe you’re just not worthy and kind of a phony? Take this quiz to find out!



Do you take steps toward your goals every single day?

  1. Yes, I spend hours before and after my day job making sure I dedicate time to reaching my goals.
  2. Yes, but maybe I’m not actually spending enough time doing so? Do other people spend more time? Am I not working hard enough? Maybe I’m not actually cut out for this.


Are others constantly praising you for the work you do?

  1. My coworkers and loved ones make sure to point out the quality of my work and how much they look up to me for my work ethic.
  2. Yes, but I know that someone is putting them up to it. Like, my parents probably pay all the people in my life to blow smoke up my ass. They always have, since my elementary school teachers. It’s actually crazy that they budget for that.


Do you feel proud of your progress?

  1. If me five years ago could see me now, I’d be very impressed.
  2. Yes, but what does that matter? Maybe my taste is horrible. Maybe I wouldn’t even know how to recognize what progress even means. There are other people my age in my field who are doing so much better than me. What does that say about me!


Have you received awards or official recognition in your industry?

  1. I’ve won every award I’ve been nominated for and have several certificates of accomplishment.
  2. But the people who choose the winners are in my parents’ pockets, too. There’s no way I could actually be out here succeeding in the thing I’ve worked hard for. I haven’t even worked that hard! I could work harder!


Do people below you in your field look up to you?

  1. I’m a mentor to several lower-level peers and I enjoy sharing my expertise with the next generation.
  2. Yes, but they don’t know any better. I barely know any better. I don’t deserve any of this and this whole thing will be revealed as a fluke at some point.





Mostly 1’s:

Sounds like you know that you’re good at what you do. Keep it up and you can achieve anything!


Mostly 2’s:

Yikes. Sounds like you really don’t know what you’re doing and are kind of just flailing through life. It’s amazing that you’ve gotten as far as you even have, considering you’re not that great at this or really anything. Maybe it’s time to change careers!