QUIZ: Are You an Eldest Child, a Youngest Child, or the Other One?

As many people know, birth order isn’t just some arbitrary thing. It’s actually possible to tell where someone falls in their siblings’ birth order based on their experience of childhood, and even how they act as an adult. So, take this quiz and let us guess: are you an eldest child, a youngest child, or the other one?


How do your parents feel about you?

  1. They’re hard on me but only because they know how much potential I have.
  2. I’m their darling angel – I can do no wrong, and, yes, they do spoil me a little.
  3. They feel nothing. Like the gaping indifference of an ever-expanding universe.


What’s your role in the family?

  1. I’m the leader. I plan everything.
  2. I’m the fun one. Everyone comes to me for a laugh.
  3. I’m the butler, never to be seen nor heard, my presence felt only through my material contributions to the household and my uncanny ability to emerge from the shadows.


How would you describe yourself?

  1. Strong and independent.
  2. Free-spirited, fun, and outgoing.
  3. Trapped in the basement. Again. Please, it’s been four hours and no one has noticed.


Name your biggest fear.

  1. Probably not living up to my parents’ high expectations of me.
  2. Losing my vivacious zest for life that makes everyone feel immediately drawn to me.
  3. Bringing attention to myself and incurring the wrath of the house.





Mostly 1s: Easy – you’re an eldest child! There was always a lot of pressure on you to be exceptional, but that’s just because your parents knew you were capable of great things. 


Mostly 2s: Aww, you’re the baby, aren’t you? Yeah, we could tell by your carefree attitude and joyous approach to life. We wish you nothing but the best.


Mostly 3s: Congrats, you’re the other one! Which is…an only child? Right? You’re an only child? Or wait, is there another option? Dog, maybe? Are you the family dog?