QUIZ: Are You a Snack or a Microwavable Frozen Dinner?

Chances are, you want to be desired. But how do you know if you’re giving off the right vibe? Are you unsure if guys think that you’re a tasty snack that will spoil their dinner or a sad prepackaged meal that they would only eat alone in their apartment? This quiz will help you know which kind of edible meal you truly are. Oh, and if you don’t want your sexual desirability to be compared to food, girl – you’re taking the wrong quiz!


When Guys See You Are They Like…

A. Yummy! I want to gobble you up!

B. *Sigh* I guess this is what I’m having tonight…


Do Guys Take You Out in Public?

A. Yes! We hang out wherever – the club, the bus, the park bench.

B. No, they mainly just hit me up at 11pm when they get home from work late and feel sad!


Do Guys Introduce You to Their Friends?

A. I always meet their friends. Sometimes, if we’re feeling crazy, he even shares me with them ;)

B. I’ve only met their friends once. They all started laughing at him at first but then they were like, “dude we’re actually really worried about you… are you okay?”


What Are Their Moms’ Opinions Of You?

A. Not great. She always says, “You’re spoiling my son’s appetite!”

B. Not great. She always says, “You call that a meal?!”


Do Guys Ever Lock You in the Freezer?

A. Uhhh… no?

B. I’d rather not say.






Mostly A’s: Congratulations, you’re a snack! Guys want to eat you morning day and night and can never really get enough! Whether he’s packing you up and putting you in the cooler for a beach day or popping you open at the end of a long day, you’re the snack that every guy drools over. It’s fun to be compared to food if you taste good, right?!


Mostly B’s: Sorry girl, you’re a Microwavable Frozen Dinner. He breaks you out when he doesn’t have time to cook or is watching his weight. You’re not his first choice but you’re usually the easiest option. You may not like being compared to gross food, but that’s just the way you scored on this quiz, honey!