5 Zoodle Recipes To Make Before Getting Some Chicken Nuggets

Time to whip out your spiralizer, because zoodles are the hot, new food trend that people can’t stop talking about! They’re a low-carb and low-fat, but also extremely high in effort and will make you super hungry for something substantial – like some chicken nuggets! So here are some fun zoodle recipes you can make until you decide it’s too much work and grab some chicken nuggets instead.


Zoodle Pad Thai

Check out this healthier version of a Thai takeout classic! After spiralizing three zucchinis, making a spicy peanut sauce, scrambling an egg, and steaming some beans sprouts, you’ll be too exhausted to even entertain the idea of tossing it all together and enjoying your dinner. So just head to your nearest McDonald’s and grab a 10-piece chicken nugget. It’s what you truly wanted for dinner anyway, isn’t it?


Zoodles with Kale Pesto

Zoodles and kale are both so in right now! Make some zoodles out of a few zukes, then start the tedious process of finely chopping kale, basil, and pine nuts and combining them with olive oil and parmesan. Once you get tired of that, which will be pretty early on, just give up and hop onto GrubHub to order some delicious, crispy chicken nuggets. At least you tried!


Coconut Curry Zoodles

Time to spice it up! Coconut curry is the perfect meal because you can add any other vegetable you like! Try chopping up some bell peppers, eggplant, carrots, onions, broccoli, and green beans. And once you burn out on all that spiralizing and chopping, just say fuck it and take a quick stroll to your local Crown Fried Chicken to get some chicken nuggets. They’re easier and, let’s be honest, they taste a lot better!


Alfredo Zoodles

Parli italiano? This nutritious take on the beloved pasta dish will leave you wanting more! That is if you make it through the zoodling, sauteeing broccoli, roasting garlic, shaving parmesan into tempered cream and butter, and tossing it all with baked chicken. Which you won’t, because it’s way more work than it’s worth. And speaking of chicken, isn’t there a pizza place around the corner that makes chicken nuggets? Just go get some of those.



Chicken Zoodle Soup

When you’re feeling sick, nothing is better than a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. But have you tried chicken ZOODLE soup?? Your cold will be no match for this healthful version of the classic dish. But truthfully, it does require spiralizing a bunch of zucchinis, cutting up carrots and celery, shredding chicken, and making a stock, which you probably won’t want to do when you’re battling the flu or really any other time when you could just get chicken nuggets delivered to you and eat those instead. So go for it, we don’t blame you!


It’s fun to try incorporating a trendy new food into your daily meals. So try making one of these zoodle recipes before you inevitably give up and get some chicken nuggets instead. Yum!