Quiet Chick From High School Suddenly A Breastfeeding Influencer

In a move that no one saw coming, that shy girl from high school, Lisa Edwin, is now a lauded breastfeeding influencer on Instagram.


Lisa, who was so quiet that no one can remember a single thing she ever said in all four years of high school, now has over 180,000 followers on her Insta account where she only posts about breastmilk and breastfeeding practices. A quick scroll through her profile shows pictures of her popping out a swollen breast and captions that wax poetic about the beauty of motherhood.


Former classmates of Lisa are surprised by her success.


“It’s pretty wild, cause in some pics her boobs are almost fully out of her shirt,” said former classmate Beverly Andrews. “But I barely remember even seeing her face fully out of a book out in high school. I guess breastfeeding really brought her out of her shell.”


Students and faculty who knew Lisa in high school have taken note that not only is Lisa’s feed full of artistically posed Instagram pics that include lengthy captions about her journeys as a breastfeeding mom, but also that she no longer appears to be as shy as she used to be.


“I don’t think I ever once heard her talk in my class,” said Lisa’s English teacher Mrs. Stubbs. “So it’s surprising to me that she would be uploading images of her topless breastfeeding. I guess things have changed.”


Lisa’s platform as a lactation influencer has garnered her a lot of respect on Instagram and mommy blogs across the internet. However, Lisa’s newfound influence in social media mom circles continues to surprise anyone who knew her formerly quiet self.


“I guess it’s amazing that anyone would ever think Lisa is interesting enough to follow,” said old football captain Mark Lambergh. “She’s the last person I would’ve expected to be whipping her tits out on the internet.”


“Not that I’m not cool with breastfeeding, but it’s just like, her boobs are out,” he added.



Many are wondering what will happen when Lisa, the same quiet chick from high school that the yearbook straight up forgot to include three years in a row, has no more babies to breastfeed. But Lisa herself has an answer for us.


“Happy to finally announce that I’m pregnant again!!!” the caption of her latest post read.