Professional Outfits That Won’t Stop Men From Referring To You As A ‘Girl’

So, you just landed a badass corporate job and now you need to dress the part. Don’t worry! We put together a few powerful, business professional outfits to make you look like a grown-up in the boardroom, though these outfits won’t stop your male coworkers from referring to you as a “girl” no matter how many salient points you make.


Navy Blue Blazer with Slim Leg Trousers

This blazer/trouser combo will make you appear confident and put-together as you manage your accounts, but it won’t prevent your boss from asking, “Are you girls okay?” when he checks on you and your even older female coworkers. Wear this sharp suit anyway to declare your professionalism to the whole office, but always be prepared for a man to infantilize you at any moment!


Jacquard Bomber Jacket with Printed Silk Trousers

This creative look shows your employees you’re fun yet sophisticated, but mostly just “fun” according to Peter in sales. Pair it with a sleek handbag to command the bare minimum of respect from your male colleagues, who may find it easier to call you a “girl boss” than just their “boss.” Because even though your killer outfit might make you feel extra assertive, men know they can’t control a grown woman, but they can take charge of a “girl,” even if she is technically their superior. Also looks great with a pair of nude heels!


Black Shirtdress with Chanel Pumps

A classy, dark-colored outfit will look fierce in any boardroom, but won’t make it any better when your CEO comes and asks, “And now who is this little lady?” Adding a statement necklace will make your look even more refined, just not refined enough for him to ask you if you’re the “new marketing girl” before you tell him no, you’re actually the global director and you’ve been here since 2012. Maybe add a fake beard to this outfit and see if that changes anything?


Peplum Jacket and Skirt Suit Set

Nothing says, “boss material!” like a crisp skirt suit, and nothing says, “powerful women frighten me” like the hiring manager, who just said “Atta girl” to you. Though he claims the term is affectionate, he’s never called the male candidates “boys.” Or you could just work from home for the rest of the day??


A Full Men’s Suit with Pocket Square and Tie Clip

Yep, this should work!


Wear any one of these foolproof, professional outfits to feel confident in the workplace and the fashion department. But, fair warning: Don’t expect them to make your male colleagues see you as their equal!