How To Stop Procrastinating After You Deal with Each and Every Blackhead

If procrastinating is causing you stress, there are some amazing tools to help you become productive again. But first, take a long, hard look in the mirror and remember what it is you want to get done, like, for example, the hundreds of blackheads on your nose right now. Gross, right? Taking care of those plugged up pores is definitely your first priority before you really deal with any of the other stuff, so here’s how to get started:


Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Procrastination is caused by stress and fear that what you produce might not be good enough, so giving yourself a hard time for being unproductive will only raise your anxiety levels. Take a deep breath, stop feeling guilty and start feeling proud of yourself! You’re finally ready to do the work you set out to do so give yourself a high five and spend 40 minutes in the bathroom unsuccessfully trying to get every blackhead out of your face. Once you’ve fixed your face, you can do anything!


Break It Up Into Smaller Tasks

Giving yourself the challenge of finishing a whole project is overwhelming, so break the whole project up into smaller, more achievable tasks. If you’re writing an essay, write the introduction first, so once that’s done you feel a sense of victory. But first squeeze out every blackhead on your face, starting with the right side of your nose, toward the back where it’s way easier and you get a lot of the stuff out. Once that’s done, move on to the rest of your nose. Wow, you’ll never even start your essay at this rate but maybe someday!



Start With The Most Daunting Task

You’ll be most energized when you start working, so try and get the hardest tasks out of the way first. Why not try lancing that one blackhead you’ve had on your chin for two years with a pin? Then, handling all 8,000 other blackheads will feel less overwhelming. By the time you’re done, you’ll have no energy to complete your actual work – but your face will look swollen and amazing!


Reward Yourself Afterwards

Make sure that once you actually finish, you reward yourself to celebrate. Grab your favorite dinner, go see a movie or get right back to work on your nose getting rid of more blackheads that have probably sprung up in the time you sat down to do your real work. Problem: solved!


Here’s how to stop procrastinating but only after you squeeze every blackhead you see and even places you think a blackhead might be! Wow, who cares if you didn’t get anything done, cause you’re all red and splotchy and probably scarred your skin!