Nice! This Woman Had Kids Just So She Could Eat Gushers Again

In an inspiring story of kinship, love, and snackiness, 37-year-old Winnie Salthow decided to start a family by adopting two children so that she could eat Gushers again.


“I never really thought that motherhood was for me,” Winnie says. “But a few years ago, I was at Target buying Swiffer wet pads, and I saw a box of Gushers in the snack aisle and they just really called out to me.”


“I knew I couldn’t just open up the floodgates of buying myself Gushers. That would send me down a chaotic and uncontrollable path,” Winnie adds. “But looking at them I was overwhelmed by fond memories of childhood, and enjoying those exploding fruity snacks. And it’s not so much that these childhood memories made me want children of my own, it’s more just that they made me want Gushers, and having kids felt like a solid way to justify it.”


Later that same day, Winnie began the application process for adopting a pair of siblings, and the rest is history.


“Adoption is a long and costly journey,” Winnie says. “But luckily I had the support of my partner, and the passion of my desire to buy Gushers for my kids and then eat some of them while packing their lunches, driving them to soccer practice, or standing in the dark kitchen in the middle of the night having some mommy time.”



Winnie’s partner, Leo, agrees that building a family is serious work.


“I love our kids,” Leo says. “But sometimes I do feel like more of the parenting responsibilities fall to me, while asking Izzy and Owen if they want Gushers, then opening a pack and eating most of them falls to Winnie.”


“I was hesitant about parenthood, but it’s been so rewarding,” Leo adds. “But Winnie really was the one to talk me into it, so I do hope she didn’t just want to raise children with me so she can eat Gushers.”


She definitely did!


“Look, it’s not all fun and games,” says Winnie. “For instance, I’ve had seven cavities in the last two years. But it’s all worth it when Izzy and Owen look up at me with their sweet little eyes and say, ‘Mommy, can we have a snack with more nutritional value? Like an apple or some yogurt?’ and I say sure! More Gushers for me.”


“Hm, maybe I should have just started buying myself Gushers in the first place,” Winnie adds. “But no, my kids are pretty cool, I guess.”