Wow! This Woman Asked Her Coworker to Cover Her Shift Without Sending a Six-Paragraph Essay Explaining Why and How She Could Make It Up to Them

Asking a coworker to cover your shift can be nerve wracking, but 25-year-old Leilani Jackson showed her bravery this morning when she texted her coworker asking her to cover her shift without even sending a six-paragraph essay explaining why and how she could make it up to her!


Woah! And she didn’t even apologize three different times in one message!


“Hey Allegra,” the text read. “Would you be able to cover my shift this Wednesday? Please let me know!”


And that was it! That was the whole text!


We sat down with Leilani to ask her just how she mustered up the strength to communicate directly, efficiently, and without explaining herself unnecessarily even once.



“Oh, I just didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” she said. “I thought it was a given that I’d cover a shift for her whenever she needed it in return, and I figured that, if she couldn’t fill in for me, then I’d just have to deal with it.”


OMG! And all without any smiley faces or “no worries if not”s? How the hell did she do it?!


Luckily, we were also able to speak with Allegra, Leilani’s coworker, about the courageous text she received this morning.


“Of course I was taken aback, but I was also super impressed,” Allegra told us. “I could never imagine asking someone a favor without explaining every detail about why I couldn’t do it myself, then telling them how much I was gonna make it up to them. I just think it would sound kinda mean, even though I just learned that it actually doesn’t. At all.”


“Anyway, I was actually looking to pick up a shift so this works out well,” Allegra added. “And I could just say yes instead of sending a long message assuaging her guilt for asking.”


At press time, Leilani told her friend that she couldn’t come to her housewarming party without even explaining what she had plans to do already and apologizing profusely for it! Can you say fearless?!?!