Wedding Planning? This Single Woman Drove by a Barn and Looked at It

In an inspiring story out of Grand Rapids, MI, single woman Meredith Howard has practically done all the planning she needs for her future wedding: While driving past a barn, she turned and looked at it.


You go, Meredith! Jumpstart your future!


Sources confirm finding a barn amounts for 70% of wedding planning and “lack of barn” is listed as the #1 most common reason for broken engagements.


“I wouldn’t say I’m a wedding-planning prodigy, per se,” Howard told us. “But yeah, when I saw the barn, I looked at it and was like, ‘Yup, that’s a wedding venue right there.’”


Right you are, marriage hero!



“Sure, Meredith doesn’t have a partner, and she hasn’t for the past five years,” said Howard’s mother Beatrice. “But if she’s looking at barns already, we’re confident she’ll have kiddos on the way in one, maybe two years tops.”


Sources confirm that after seeing the barn, Meredith felt a renewed passion for her own love life.


“I’ve hit a rough patch, but after seeing this barn—which some might call ‘rustic’ or even ‘quaint’—I know marriage is right for me. And I want it to happen now.”


According to census documentation, the construction of this specific barn has correlated with a 63% rise in marriages statewide, and a 70% rise in brides who describe their weddings as “in tune with nature” and “very low-key” despite being exorbitantly expensive.


“Listen, I was as anti-marriage as they come,” continued Howard. “But come on. It’s a barn. How could that not put you in the mood to make a life-long commitment?”


Sources confirm Howard’s niece in the back seat also looked at the barn, taking her own first step towards matrimony.


You gotta start ‘em young!


At press time, Meredith could be seen drafting a guest list in her mind’s eye and practicing the smile she’d use on her big day. Sources confirm she stopped both practices five minutes after she passed the barn.