My Out-of-Network Somatic Healer Cured Me of My Class Privilege Guilt

As someone born incredibly rich, living a life of unparalleled privilege, I sometimes find myself plagued by guilt over the inequity of it all. I see people struggling to get by while I’m forced to come up with creative ways to spend all my money. But recently I found a solve to this problem when my boarding school friend Reminy recommended a somatic healer, Gianluca. He practices somatic therapy out of his home in the Hollywood hills and is unfortunately is not covered under any insurance networks because his techniques are unorthodox and involve a range of pricey aromatic oils but I promise you that he is incredibly effective at freeing you from the restrictions of class guilt.


When I first went to Gianluca I was thinking about how my family’s hoarding of wealth might have contributed to the overall suffering of others at least once a week. Now that he’s taught me a series of dance therapies, breathing techniques and vocal exercises, allowing me to pay full price with zero copay or even the opportunity for reimbursement, I can go months without even considering the existence of people whose fortunes are less than my own.


It’s like a great weight has been lifted. I feel my equilibrium returning and I’ve found a renewed homeostasis.


One great thing about somatic therapy is that it brings you back into your body. You find yourself appreciating the present moment and all its sensations – for instance, the sound of trickling of water from your pool waterfall – and you’re no longer trapped in your head, wondering if there is something you could have done differently to wield the power of your massive privilege to better the greater good. Gianluca has helped me focus on the more immediate needs of my mind and body, like paying him $300 an hour, in cash only. I couldn’t even use my Health Savings Account. I finally felt free.


I’m so glad I’ve found somatic healing. It isn’t always easy, reliving the trauma of being concerned with the welfare of others who may not even have health insurance, but I know it’s for the best. That’s why I have no regrets about hiring a doctor that few others could afford in order to cure myself of the burden of knowing that I have so much and others have so little.