My New Mask is Just Telling People I’m Vaccinated

As we all know, wearing a mask in public is more important than ever. With so many variants of COVID floating around, it’s vital that we don’t let our guard down, even when temptations are popping up left and right. But it’s important to change out your mask every now and then for sanitary purposes – and that’s why my new spring mask is just kind of telling people that I’m vaccinated if they look at me weird when I’m in public.


Some people might find this method a little out-of-the-box, but as a fully and thoroughly half-vaccinated person, I feel it is the one method I saw in an Instagram post from my yoga teacher that makes the most sense for me. Granted, walking through New York City requires a lot more explanation than I thought, and it does seem like I’m yelling “I’M VACCINATED” at literally anybody who walks by me, but how else could I let people know that I’m safe and sort of not endangering anyone?


I just can’t think of any better option.


You see, I’ve always been a stickler for rules – I quarantined religiously (except for a few dinners out with friends and family every week), always remained with my pod (which includes everyone at my wedding!), and always wore a mask. So it only seems natural that I would continue to wear a mask so in a way that makes sense for me – by yelling at people while I don’t wear a mask.


After all, we are a community, and I’m committed to keeping us safe.



The pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone, but it has been especially hard on our essential workers. And that’s exactly why, when I’m checking out at the supermarket, I lean over the protective plastic and whisper in their ear, “Don’t worry, I’m vaccinated.” That way, they know we’re all good and that I respect them a lot.


People might seem angry and try to keep their distance when you do this, but don’t get upset – they’re just trying to social distance, and I respect that choice! But if anyone keeps yelling that you’re an “asshole” and a “public health hazard,” just remember: They’re probably just stressed out cause we’re in a pandemic.