People Know I’m a Fashionista Because My Shirt Says ‘Fashionista’

I used to wear fashionable outfits every day, but it didn’t seem like people truly understood just how into fashion I really was, no matter what I told them. So when I came across a shirt that had “Fashionista” written on it in delicate rhinestones, I knew I’d found the perfect way to showcase my inner fashionista to the outside world!


I spent years looking for new ways to show the world that I’m, not just into fashion, but I’m a fashionista. Wearing a shirt that says “Fashionista” on it seems to work best!


I used to spend hours and hours putting outfits together, reading style blogs, and shopping, all to keep up my image as a fashionista. But these were things done in private—things I loved to do because I’m a fashionista, through and through. Now I just slip on this bedazzled tank and I’m ready to roll! This shirt has finally satisfied my overpowering urge to let the world know just how much I truly love fashion. The fashionista is me!


Now that I’ve found The Shirt, I refuse to sit idly by knowing there are people out there who don’t know that I’m a fashionista. The first day I wore my new shirt into the office a lot of my coworkers smiled and laughed, probably because they were thinking, “Man, that shirt is so on point!” The next day, however, when I wore the same shirt, my boss took me to the side and asked me what’s “…going on with me.” Clearly she hadn’t read my shirt properly!



What’s going on… is I’m a fashionista!!!


Some have said that I “obviously don’t understand how fashion works.” As a fashionista, I have to disagree. Besides, being fashionable on the daily can be so difficult and costly if you don’t know how to do it right, and “doing it right” is clearly just owning a $7.99 shirt that says “Fashionista” on it.


It isn’t easy being this engaged with fashion, cause a lot of people are gonna hate on your personal style. But at the end of the day, I just let the rhinestones tell my story. And if you’re looking at my boobs right now, you know exactly what it is!