How I’m Staying Sane by Jogging and Telling Everyone About How I’m Jogging

Self-care during quarantine is different for everyone – but for me, it means jogging regularly, and more importantly, telling everyone I know about how I’m jogging.


I just need a little structure, routine, and fresh air to keep me sane. And telling everyone how I’m staying sane and seeing their reactions is also an important part of that routine.


Every day I wake up at six o’clock, in the morning to run while the streets are pretty clear. Then I post on my various social media accounts about how my jog went and text sweaty selfies to my mom and several of my closest friends. At least one person or mom says “good job,” and that’s what I’m really in it for.


After all, we’re all in this together. Right?



Whatever your workout routine, it’s important to inspire others right now to #getmoving while #stayinghome. And it’s important to remind yourself that you’re inspiring yourself and others. Some of us do that while performing lifesaving work as an essential employee, or running 3.1 miles and sharing it on Instagram. Everybody has their role in this pandemic.


I really don’t know what I’d do without the release of those daily endorphins, as well as the boost I get from a good jog. And everyone I tell about my jogging seems to be enjoying my glow as well.


Just yesterday my friend Becca said, “Whoa, 3 miles? I haven’t even left my bed today.”


You’re welcome, Becca!


So for now I’m doing what I can, for myself, but also for others. But mostly me.