I Support Essential Workers by Aggressively Liking Videos of Them Dancing

We all know, it’s hard out there for essential workers right now. They’re putting in long hours to meet the needs of the rest of us, while potentially exposing themselves to the virus on a daily basis. That’s why I do my best to support them by doggedly hitting ‘like’ on any and all videos of these people dancing.


Yes, even the kind of mediocre ones.


Whether it’s nurses dancing to Megan Thee Stallion on TikTok, EMTs dabbing, or grocery store employees doing the Macarena, I will like, love, and sometimes even comment with hearts and rainbows to let them know that their efforts matter.


Some would argue it’s not healthcare workers who should be cheering us up right now, and to that I’ll say, “Well, I am liking the videos, so…”


I don’t really know what else I could do to support our heroes on the front lines.



So yes, I’m proud of myself for aggressively hitting ‘like’ whenever I see essential workers dancing or making other viral content. Right now, I consider it my essential job.


Trust that I’m not liking the stories about how they’re putting themselves at risk or don’t have proper PPE, and are dying at higher rates than the rest of us.


I’m glad I can do what little I can, by staying home and watching TV, and occasionally liking these dancing videos on social media.


Even if the dancing is not that great and the dancers aren’t syncing up with each other, I’ll still like it. That’s how far I’m willing to go.