Mom Going Sicko Mode in Comments of Needlepoint Instagram

After a brief trip through crafting Instagram, you recently discovered that your mom has been in absolute beast mode in the comments of various needlepoint Instagram accounts, throwing everyone for a loop with her aggressive take on needlepoint.


On one image of an adorable kitten playing with a ball, your mom wrote, “I think you really should’ve used a chain stitch on the border here. Just my opinion.”


Whoa, Sherri! Calm down!


Then, your mother discovered the edgier faction of needlepoint Instas: When someone posted their needlepoint of a skeleton with a crow’s face carrying a handbag, your mom wrote, “This is NOT how we did needlepoint in my day. Not at all. Please don’t abuse the #needlepoint hashtag for those of us who enjoy traditional styles.”


Watch out, social media! Sherri is in sicko mode and she’s coming your way!


Your mom is going hog wild with hot takes on almost anyone who deigns to post a needlepoint, but she is particularly harsh on those who claim the #needlepointersofinstagram tag.


“If you had a proper pattern, you wouldn’t need to pencil it out onto the canvas,” she shitposted on the work-in-progress post of Betsy Burgess, a 14-year-old girl in Florida.


“Thanks, I’m just learning,” the clearly hurt Betsy replied.



One would think your mom might be excited by the resurgence of needlepoint’s popularity and variety of designs available online, but obviously, she is not fucking playing.


“I don’t know what these people think they’re doing,” she tells us.