Mascara Tricks That Are Also Magic Tricks

You’ve read your fair share of makeup tips over the years, so the average garden-variety mascara-hack leaves you and your patient family completely underwhelmed. Fear not, ladies—we’ve come up with these brilliant and mystifying magic tricks that will have your relatives saying, “How’d she do that? No, really, how?”


The Queen of Hearts. Allow an audience member to choose a card from the center of the deck. It would really help if you could guide them toward the Queen of Hearts, if for nothing than keeping with the title. Gently place the card above your upper lash line and grind your loaded mascara wand (we recommend Diorshow Waterproof in Catwalk Brown) against it, effectively coating the shit out of your lashes. After you’ve finished vamping up your fringe, amaze everyone when you can correctly name the card (you peeked, but they don’t have to know that. Wink!).


Sacagawea Sleight. Take everyone’s favorite dollar coin, the gold Sacagawea, and warm it in the palm of your hand. After the coin is sufficiently warm, press it against the back of your upper lashes (if that doesn’t hold, try a Charlotte Tillbury Life-Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler) to curl them upward. After about fifteen seconds, artfully disappear the coin into the sleeve of your cardigan. Neither Lewis nor Clark would be able to navigate this beauty trickery!


The Plush Puppeteer. For this trick, use a fun puppet on your dominant hand to apply your mascara. Try something with a large and fluffy applicator wand, like Benefit BadGal, and a non-threatening puppet, like a squirrel or a turtle. Wow the younguns in the audience by making the puppet talk as you artfully accentuate your eyes. Everyone will be amazed when the puppet talks, your mouth is open and slack, and your mascara game is on-point!



The Aztec Tube. Choose an exotic mascara for this one—we suggest something by Shiseido or Givenchy. With your arms tied, carefully dip the wand into the tube, being careful to not pump air into it. Turn your back to the audience, do your best to wiggle the wand from the base of your lashes to the tips, and drop the wand into an artfully concealed trap door at your feet. They’ll never know what happened to the mysterious applicator—or how you managed clump-free lashes so easily!


Wine Into Air! Again, there isn’t a whole lot of magic here—just take an everyday bottle of wine and tell your friends and family, “Disappear!” Then sneak into a closet and see how much of it you can pound while slamming your lashes with three coats of Cover Girl LashBlast. It doesn’t matter if anyone is watching. You made it disappear. That still counts as magic


With tips like these, you’ll be able to snag perfect lashes as easily as a Saturday morning birthday party gig. Just remember to replace your mascara—and the basic premise of your act—at least every six months!