Man Wants a Baby Boy to Carry on His Name, Even Though It’s Gary

In kind of weird news out of Tacoma, Washington, Gary Tailor expressed to his longtime girlfriend that he would prefer to have a baby boy due to a strong desire for his future son to carry his name – even though it’s ‘Gary’.


Reports indicate that upon hearing this, Gary’s girlfriend, Kelsey Chang, initially laughed.


“I really thought he was kidding, but then his face got all serious,” Kelsey said. “Who in their right mind would want their kid to be named Gary Junior?”


Gary, however, is steadfast in his preference.


“I don’t see the big deal,” Gary claimed, missing the distressing reality that his name was Gary, and that is not really something you should force upon a kid. “Lots of people do this.”


Gary’s mother pointed out that while this is true, “lots of people” are not named Gary.



“I was honestly still pretty out of it when we were naming him as a baby,” Sheila Tailor recalled. “I did it as a funny joke, because I thought it would be so silly to see an infant named Gary. I still sometimes chuckle to myself about it. Please don’t tell him.”


“If he’s really serious about this, we might have to break up,” Kelsey finally confessed, “I thought he was at least a little self-aware about his name.”


Reports indicate Gary is not.