‘Promise Me You’ll at Least Think About It,’ Says Mom About Some Bullshit

After an ominous text saying, “Call me when you get this,” your mom begged you to at least think about some bullshit she was asking you to do over the phone last weekend.


“Please, it would mean a lot to me,” she said about whatever bullshit she was asking you to do this time.


Whether it was to send your Uncle Al a physical card for his birthday or drive to Long Island for your cousin’s daughter’s graduation next month, your mother has consistently asked you to at least think about doing some fucking bullshit. You know, just for her.


“I think this is her way of toning down her controlling nature to make it sound like I have a choice,” you said. “It’s actually fairly sophisticated manipulation, by mom standards.”



Regardless of what the particular bullshit is about, you are sure that the more you avoid it, the more your mother will escalate her tactics to get you to do the bullshit.


After asking you the same question multiple times over the phone, your mother texted you later that day: “Just think about it, okay?”


At press time, you had promised her that yes, you would indeed think about it.