Lauren Posts On Facebook To See If Anyone Is Planning To Drive From New York To Amarillo Next Weekend

Facebook is full of odd requests, but this week Lauren Feldman might have topped them all when she casually asked if anyone else was planning on driving from New York to Amarillo next weekend in April as if that’s a totally normal thing.


“If anyone thinks they’ll be headed that way during this really specific timeframe, maybe we could go in on gas together?” Lauren wrote in a request that would presumably appeal to no one.


“I can’t imagine anyone Lauren knows would be making a drive anywhere close to Amarillo right now,” says friend Lucy Hayes.


Indeed, Lauren doesn’t know anyone who lives in Amarillo, nor does she know anyone who would have any reason to drive there.


“We have one friend from Austin,” says Hayes. “But he only goes home for Christmas, and that’s a full 12-hour drive from Amarillo. Plus, he flies out there.”


After three days of no response, Lauren commented on the post to see if anyone might have friends making a similar trip.



“I’m a fun car guest, I swear! I won’t even talk if that’s the vibe you’re into.”


“I still don’t get it,” says her friend Alex Blundstone. “Does she know that Spirit has like, $50 tickets to Texas?”


“Does she realize that we live in New York and none of us own cars?” says Hayes.


At press time, Feldman had no plans to buy a plane ticket and was still holding out hope that some New York friend was randomly driving the middle of nowhere Texas on the exact date she needed a ride.


Good luck!