Lauren From High School Is In Real Estate Now

According to recent reports, your friend from high school, Lauren Patton is in real estate now and would like you to ‘like’ her new Facebook page.


Lauren, who no one has seen since sophomore year and isn’t Facebook friends with anyone, is now a legit real estate agent back at home and even helped Becca buy a house.


“I went to this open house and she was the agent on it,” says Becca. “It was sort of weird and sort of interesting so I texted all my high school friends. I don’t know, it’s just something to talk about.”


Witnesses say that Lauren has been seen on real estate signs around various neighborhoods since early March.


“I saw her face on some ‘open house’ signs,” PTA president Jeanine DiManti says. “So I guess that Lauren Patton does real estate now.”


Back in high school, Lauren was just another girl who always showed up in a bunch of classes, but never really seemed to have any particular hobbies.



“Maybe she worked on the yearbook or something?” Dara Goldberg says. “Or maybe not. Honestly who cares?”


Reports also confirm that Lauren is engaged to some guy she met in college, who is medical school or something.


“Good for her,” says Goldberg.


Becca confirms that Lauren was “super helpful” with the home buying process and was “kinda funny.”


When asked to comment, Lauren very cheerful.


“Yep!” she says. “I’m in real estate now.”