Kim’s InstaStory of Concert Somehow Longer Than Concert?

In a developing story that continues to baffle experts, reports confirm that Kim Montrell’s Insta story of the Beyoncé concert she attended last weekend is somehow even longer than the concert itself was.


It doesn’t seem possible, but it remains verifiably true.


The befuddling occurrence began when Kim posted the first portion of the Beyoncé concert to her Insta story last Saturday evening at approximately 8:05pm PT.


“Watching that story, it was pretty clear immediately that she was just going to broadcast a linear narrative of that entire concert, beginning to end,” recalls Kim’s friend, Adrian Bartholomew. “But somehow, it eventually became even more than that? Like it felt like it was maybe three hours of footage for a two hour concert. Was she filming from two different locations? I have no idea.”


The Insta story began with Beyonce’s opening acts, performed in their entirety, and posted second-by-second to Kim’s Instagram. The performance then transitioned into the headliner herself, and was continually transmitted live by Kim, moment-by-moment, and accompanied by regular screaming and frequent use of Super Zooms.


“At first I was like, wow, this seems crazy long,” says Kim’s friend, Rachel Tippey. “Then quickly it turned into, wow, this seems impossibly long.”


The social media post, which included lots of blown out audio and blurry images of flashing lights, quickly drew attention from Kim’s friends and family for its sheer length.


“It just doesn’t seem possible,” says Keri Ballard, a friend of Kim’s and physics grad student at Brown University. “She certainly padded out the runtime with documentation of her and her friends going to concessions and the bathroom and such. But still, mathematically, it doesn’t track. No story could possibly be this long, right?”



Though scientists may never determine exactly how Kim accomplished this mind-boggling feat, the social media aficionado herself considers her post a service to the community.


“I think people really appreciated my story,” says Kim. “It was just like being there. And being there. And still being there.”