Tracey Somehow On Vacation, Again

After posting a captionless photo of her pedicured toes in sand, Tracey McCall confirmed that she is, seemingly impossibly, on vacation again.


“It’s baffling,” says coworker Rachel Rosen, who cannot remember the last time she had enough money to even see a movie. “It’s a fucking Wednesday afternoon. She’s a legal clerk. Who is allowing this to happen?”


In spite of the company’s strict two-week vacation policy, sources confirm Tracey has managed to find special circumstances allowing her to be out of the office what seems like weeks at a time.


“Last week it was Martha’s Vineyard. The week before that she was in San Diego” says best friend Carly Adams, who hasn’t seen Tracey in two months. “I hate that I know this.”



Friends report that past attempts to joke with Tracey about her travels have resulted in her getting “aggressively defensive,” usually rattling off rehearsed justifications for the getaways, including “finding a really good Groupon deal.”


“I check Groupon every day,” says another coworker. “And $3,200 for a weekend trip to Miami is not a fucking good deal.”


“Why bother living in New York?” roommate Ramya Agrawal asked. “If you’re always out of town, what’s the point? Somebody please tell me before I descend into a rage spiral.”


Tracey could not be reached for comment, but at press time she had just posted a striking photo of the sun setting over the ocean accompanied by caption, “BRB NYC!”