‘It’s Hard to Find a Good Man These Days,’ Says Woman Who Married Your Dad

In breaking news coming out of your parents’ house, your mom told you that “It’s hard to find a good man these days,” even though she married your dad all the way back in 1982.


Sources are debating over who’s gonna tell her.


“Men act so differently now,” your mom told you over dinner, coming so close to the point. “And I think all these new dating apps are to blame.”


This was interesting of her to say, given that your dad still leaves his dirty laundry on the floor at least four days a week and instinctively leaves the room when feelings are being discussed, and has done so since before dating apps existed.


“I’m so glad I’m not your age right now,” your mom continued. “Because men your age just don’t know how to treat a woman anymore. It’s sad!”



Per our sources, your dad once forgot your mom’s birthday two years in a row.


Your mother also took a moment to point out the issues of today’s “new masculinity”.


“Men today are also being taught to care so much more about their feelings,” she said. “Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but they should be focusing more on becoming a good provider, in my opinion.”


Your dad always worked diligently at his job in engineering – especially when your mother needed help with child care.


“Just promise me that you’ll marry someone who knows how to take care of you,” your mom said. “That’s all I ask.”


Even though you told her you would, you were also aware that if “taking care” of you means forgetting to do any and every chore and yelling violently at the TV screen, you might not be looking for the right man in her eyes.


While your parents’ marriage might not be perfect, there are still some things that are pretty admirable about it, like how long they’ve been married, and… well, that’s pretty much it.