REPORT: The Average CEO Reads 52 Books Per Year Because They Don’t Actually Work That Much

This week, a national survey found that the average CEO reads 52 books per year because they don’t actually work that much, or really that hard at all.


While the other employees in their companies read about one to two full books per year, CEOs were able to read anywhere from 27 to 81 books – and not the short ones, either.


Interestingly, none of the CEOs were reported to have read anything having to do with worker’s rights, the disappearing middle class, creeping capitalism or anything arguing against Reaganomics.


“Reading is essential to keeping your mind sharp,” survey participant and CEO Harry Bassinger told us. “That’s why I’m able to accomplish so much, and frankly, why I’m worth so much. I encourage all of my employees to cultivate a love of the written word, which they can do, I don’t know, on their lunch breaks? I’m actually on vacation right now so I’m not sure.”


It looks like reading an average of 52 books somehow didn’t lead to these CEOs learning about any other perspectives at all.


“It’s extremely easy to finish books when you’re a CEO,” another participant, CEO Marcia Sutherland, said. “When I was working in the mailroom at the same company I work at today, I had no time to read, but by the time I landed in the C-suite, I found that I suddenly could read two books a week, if I really wanted. Plus the office chairs here are so comfortable, it’s almost a crime not to!”



When asked about how any non-CEOs could use this study to their advantage, head researcher Dr. Jeremiah Whitfield gave some extremely helpful advice.


“If you’re not a CEO, but you still want to read more books,” Dr. Whitfield said. “You should either consider becoming a CEO, or just stop working altogether. I would highly recommend the first option over the other one, though.”


Here’s to higher earning and higher learning!