Is Your Daughter Old Enough for Injectable Fillers?

There comes a time in every mom’s life when her daughter comes to her, asking about her first injectable dermal fillers. All the other girls are doing it, she’ll say, and she wants a plump, wrinkle-free face, just like Mom’s. The obvious question is: “Is she ready?”


There is no right age to begin using dermal fillers, and due to recent changes in the environment and the hormones in milk, girls are aging earlier and earlier these days. You don’t want your child to be known as the “old one” in her school or social group. Her readiness for injectable wrinkle fillers can be determined by looking to a variety of factors in her personal development and maturity. Here are some important questions to ask if you think your daughter is ready to start looking young again:


Is she asking for injectable fillers?


Asking for injectable fillers shows that your child has a certain maturity level surrounding her appearance and may be ready to go under the needle. However if your daughter is still preschool-aged, she may be basing her interest off of older siblings and may not actually be ready for them. It’s up to you, the parent, to make the call. But make the right one, because her peers are undoubtedly watching her face closely for signs of aging.


Has she had her period?


Most women notice the beginnings of crow’s feet and thinning lips around the time of their first menses. If your daughter has hit puberty, she’s probably showing her age and thus is ready to begin a course of facial injections. Don’t let her be the wrinkly cheerleader on the squad.


Does she have a lean face?


Girls with less plump cheeks may look older than their peers. While it would be unhealthy to encourage her to gain weight, you may feel that injectable fillers could help her from looking prematurely haggard.



Are injectable fillers legal for a child of her age in your state?


Some states have invasive laws that prevent your child from receiving wrinkle fillers before age 12. For others, it’s as late as age 16. Check into your local regulations before bringing up the conversation with your child. Or, if you’re willing to travel, find a nearby state where she can get injectable fillers. If you’re okay with her looking and feeling her best, why shouldn’t anyone stop her?


Are you a helicopter parent?


A nervous and controlling parent may worry about allowing their daughter to “grow up” by letting her get injectable wrinkle fillers. But letting her do so could actually be a valuable step in allowing her to exert her own independence. Children who are secure in their looks as the result minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments are less likely to engage in risky behavior as teens. Many parents find that their daughters behave their best when they are looking their best.


While your daughter may not be ready for Restylane yet, Juvaderm basically has “juvenile” in the name, which is a great start for your young daughter. Consult the issues above and when you’re ready, let your daughter get that youthful glow!