Inspiring! This Woman Didn’t Drink So Much That She Wanted To Die!

In a demonstration of self-restraint never before seen, Gina Fronwiler went to a bar with seven friends this weekend, and didn’t drink so much that she wanted to die.


She was able to drink just enough to keep a buzz, but not so much that she wished death upon herself the next morning!


We’re truly amazed by Fronwiler’s incredible act of self-preservation.


“I only had two drinks cause I didn’t want to feel like roadkill for the next 24 hours,” says Fronwiler. “It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t get shitfaced.”


Fronwiler had two glasses of white wine and a club soda while her friends took tequila shots all night. Unlike her friends who spent the night calling their exes and puking out of cabs, Gina slept soundly and went to spin class in the morning.


It’s unbelievable that if you listen to your body and stop drinking when it tells you to, you won’t feel so nauseous you’ll want to die!


“I’m 34, and I’m done with being hung over for days,” says Gina. “I feel like my body deserves me not trying to murder it.”


Despite Fronwiler’s nonchalance, her friends have found Gina’s transformation baffling.


“So Gina decided not feel like shit for the next two days?” says Allie Hartwood, Gina’s friend from college. “I honestly don’t recognize her anymore. What happened to the Gina who spent Saturday nights moaning on my bathroom floor?”


Riley Walheim, another close friend of Gina’s, wholeheartedly agrees with Allie.


“My wedding is next month and there’s an open bar,” she says. “If that bitch remembers my wedding night, then she can go fuck herself.”


In hearing her friend’s comments, Gina stuck to her guns.



“I don’t see why this is such a big deal,” shares Gina. “I can still go out! I can get drunk even. I’m just not going to drink so much I want to throw myself off a building.”


Damn, what a display of willpower! You’re an inspiration, Gina!