Inspiring! This Woman Did So Many Squats She Grew a Second Butt

In an astounding turn of events that can only be seen as a medical miracle, 28-year-old June Karkaran did so many squats that her butt actually began to grow a second butt.


“Right before the summer started, I made a plan to do at least 100 squats a day and I stuck with it,” says June. “Now, after increasing my goal a little bit every day, I am proud to say I not only have one incredibly toned ass, but also an extremely round and firm second ass on top of it.”


Wow, we’re truly inspired at the effort June put in to somehow grow a whole second ass!


While no one knew it was possible to have two butts, June said it was her deep faith and visualization that allowed her to grow a second one.


“I never told anyone this, but when I first started squatting I did a lot of visualizing,” says June. “And my dream body, the one I imagined having at the end of this journey, had two assholes. And now I have two assholes.”


June is truly proof that you can work hard and achieve anything – like, for example, having four butt cheeks in total!



“I love June, but it’s definitely been a hard thing to adjust to,” says her husband Ron Karkaran. “She uses a lot more toilet paper than she used to. I don’t really ask her why or how but I’m really proud of her.”


Still, June has chosen celebrate how strong her butts finally feel.


“It’s okay to look different and the truth is I’m proud of it,” says June. “Some little girl out there is probably thinking maybe someday they’ll grow a second ass too. Just the thought of that makes me teary-eyed.”


Yes June, way to squat so many times, your ass gained a new ass friend!