Inspiring! This Virgin Does Kegels Everyday

Minneapolis resident Jessie Granger is finding a unique way to inspire women around the world. Despite being a 31-year-old virgin, she still finds time everyday to do Kegels—exercises that strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, even though she has not had sex before in her life. Wow!


Kegels have become popular in recent years due to the theory that they can increase a woman’s vaginal strength and pleasure during sex. Doctors also recommend Kegels for women who have given birth, are experiencing urinary incontinence, or are aging. But that won’t stop Granger from doing her thing!


Although Granger has absolutely no valid reason to do so, she is committed to exercising her vagina daily. “I want to be the best version of myself in everything I do,” she says. “So why not start with the inside?”


“Honestly, I’m worried she’s wasting a lot of time,” says Granger’s roommate Hannah Compton. “Having sex for the first time can be painful enough. Won’t this just make it harder for her? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist.”



Granger spends about 90 minutes each day contracting and relaxing her vagina muscles. She often multitasks by spreading her Kegeling time over the course of the day during work, dinners, and meetings, though she has no intention of finding a sex partner anytime soon.


“The pelvic floor won’t weaken without a cause,” explains Dr. Ryan Burrows, a gynecologist at Columbia Medical Group. “Doing Kegels is completely unnecessary for a young, healthy woman who has never been sexually active.”


Yet Jessie Granger plans to keep her Kegel regimen right up until the point where it will be a good thing, which she says “could be years from now.”


“I’m not a quitter,” says the inspirational young woman. “And neither is my vagina.”


Consider us inspired!