Inspiring! This Post-Partum Mother Actually Likes Her Body

Everyone knows the hardest part of having a newborn is that your body is suddenly wrong. Sure, it recently completed a phenomenal act of giving life to a whole new person, but it just doesn’t look the way the world says it ought to look. That’s why we are so inspired by this amazing new mommy who actually likes her body somehow!


Naomi Tucker is just six short weeks post-partum and has already found full body acceptance. That’s right; she looks in the mirror at all the garbage between her neck and knees and doesn’t scream in self-disgust! How does she do it?


Well, we asked her.


“I place value on the health and well-being of my family, not the physical appearance of our bodies,” explained Naomi as we stared at her blankly. Honestly, we’re stunned!


Many women have said those words before, but Naomi is the first to truly believe it. She should be an inspiration to mothers everywhere who hang the heads of their deflated balloon bodies day and night.


Naomi doesn’t even have to read inspiring posts about how her body is bad, but she should love it anyway. She just loved it to begin with. This is wildly unprecedented and we’re still processing our feelings on it.



We also spoke to friends and family who were also amazed at Naomi’s strength to not hate herself.


“The very fact that she was able to give birth and not immediately start punching at the different parts of her body that weren’t socially ideal is an inspiration,” says Naomi’s sister, Kate, who hates her body when it’s pre-partum and post-partum. “It’s almost as if she loves and accepts her body no matter what!”


When asked about her mushy belly, wonky vagina, flat butt, marked-up skin, and untamable honkers, she said, “Can you guys please leave my home? I need to feed my child.”


We left her home, but she will never leave our inspo boards. You go, girl!