Aw! This Boyfriend Cooked His Girlfriend An 11-Pound Cube of Meat For Their Anniversary

Last night, 24-year-old Alex Johnson cooked his long-term girlfriend, Bethany, dinner as a romantic gesture for their anniversary. The result? An 11-pound cube of meat prepared without any seasoning, sides, or a glass of water. That’s right! The cube of meat stood alone as the sole course of their dinner.


Could Johnson be the sweetest boyfriend who’s ever existed?


“I wanted to cook something really special for me and Bethany’s four-year anniversary,” says Johnson. “So I thought, ‘What do I like to eat? Meat.’ Then I thought about meat for a couple minutes, mainly how much of it I wanted to cook and ultimately decided to just cook a massive cube of meat that I bought at the store. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my girlfriend!”


Johnson cooked the meat cube for a full three hours while his girlfriend waited at the table.



“I’m glad I came over right as he put the cube in the oven so I could watch it cook,” says Bethany. “It would have sucked to arrive with everything already prepared, because I’d miss out on my boyfriend’s process—slow-roasting 16 servings of meat as I wait and try not to snack.”


Wow! It’s hard to imagine their dinner getting any better, but Bethany insists her favorite part of the meal was actually that Johnson included no sides.


“A person with a grasp on the concept of dinner would have made me something to eat aside from just a meat cube, like salad or corn, since 11 pounds of meat doesn’t count as a complete meal for most people, but Alex isn’t most people,” she gushes, “He’s the type of guy who does exactly what he wants and then says it’s all for me, and that’s what I love about him!”


“I thought about getting a bottle of white wine so we’d have something to drink,” says Johnson, “But then I was like, nah! I have some leftover 5-hour Energy in the freezer for some reason. That’s even better than wine because it tastes great and also keeps you awake for days.”


Has anyone met a man more romantic than Johnson? Highly unlikely!


Bethany states the tasteless cube of meat absolutely made her anniversary.. At the conclusion of the interview, Johnson could be seen buying plane tickets to Alaska for a special getaway, without any plans to book a hotel or plan an itinerary.