Insane Bitch Actually Got Her Hair Wet At This Pool Party

In a shocking story out of Tulsa, verifiably insane bitch Leigh-Ann Devole completely submerged in water and willingly got her hair wet at a pool party this weekend.



“We were all in the pool, of course,” explained Natalya Nunez, a fellow partygoer. “But she, like, just dove in and started swimming around like she didn’t even care that this was a party. Everyone was shocked.”


Others were unsettled by Leigh-Ann’s certifiably fucked up decision.


“She was…actually cool with getting her hair wet?” pondered Tressie Jennings. “Like, she just let it dry in the sun, all chlorinated and undone? I’m having a hard time understanding.”


“Why does her hair look like that?” asked Chad Jennings. “Her hair looked dry but now it’s wet.”


Many people, especially women, find it hard to understand why this bonkers chick went all the way underwater on purpose.


“As someone with curly hair, what she did is simply unfathomable to me,” added Regan Hoss-Lieberman. “All I could picture was three hours worth of work undone in seconds. I almost cried.”


Leigh-Ann seems unfazed by people’s reactions.


“It’s a pool party, there’s a pool,” Leigh-Ann said, as we began to give a mixture of side-eye and genuine concern for her mental state. “Why wouldn’t I have gotten my hair wet? We’re swimming in a pool.”


Sources report that we are very worried about her wellbeing at this point.


“And besides, it’s a party full of my friends, no one was judging me for how my hair looked,” added the certifiably batshit crazy woman who just thinks you can ‘swim’ at a ‘pool party’.


“Sure, it’s a pool party,” said Natalya. “But that doesn’t mean you actually swim. You just kind of hang out. I’m not trying to be too judgmental, but there has to be something wrong with her head.”


“Besides the hair, I mean,” she added. “The hair is really fucked up now.”