Influencer Acting Like It’s Normal to Have Bathtub Full of Plants

Ashley Devianne, an Instagram influencer known for her quirky style and medium-woke political views, isn’t afraid to do things her way. But one thing about Ashley is especially weird: She acts like it’s totally normal to just have a bathtub full of plants all the time as if that’s a thing we should all be doing.


You heard that right: Ashley posts lots of makeup tutorials filmed in her bathroom, and has even shared a picture of the room itself when she partnered with a company that makes bath mats with line drawings of naked women on them. And in each and every post, her bathtub is teeming with flora. And Ashley acts like this is completely normal.


“That’s got to be really inconvenient,” says Dani Alvarez, one of Ashley’s many followers. “Does she just move them all when she wants to take a shower? Or does she have another bathroom, and this is just, like, her plant tub?”


Just to be clear, there isn’t even a shower curtain—just plants.


“There are plants literally hanging from the ceiling,” says Olive Murphy, another follower. “You’d think the dirt would fall into the tub. But she just does her little house tours like nothing is amiss.”


Devianne’s friends are just as concerned.



“One day, Ashley had me over to watch a movie,” says Kaley Lamneck, Devianne’s college roommate. “And the toilet lid was closed and there was a succulent sitting on top of it. I was like, okay, weird. But the next time I visited, there were three succulentscc and a huge spider plant in the bathtub. That’s when I started to get really freaked out. But Ashley was just like, ‘So? Everyone has plants in their bathtub!’ Honestly, it felt like gaslighting.”


“I just want my little girl back,” says Ashley’s mother, Amanda Devianne. “Why can’t she admit that it’s weird to have plants in your bathtub? We say, ‘Sweetie, it’s OK. You can tell us anything,’ but she won’t budge. Her father and I are terrified.”


Despite the fact that it’s obviously not normal to keep plants in your shower, the trend is only gaining traction across social media. More and more influencers are filling their tubs with potted plants, eucalyptus branches, succulents, and even small trees—and acting like nothing is wrong.


We reached out to Devianne for comment, and received just one line in reply: “No comment, because it’s normal to have a bathtub full of plants.” Wow.