I LIVED IT: No One Has Ever Asked Me About My Skincare Routine

I Lived it:

After watching an unknown number of influencer skincare videos and Vogue ‘Get Ready with Me’s, it’s safe to say that my own skincare routine has been perfected throughout the last couple years. So, imagine my horror when I realized this morning that no one has ever, ever asked me about mine.


I’m not sure how to go on after realizing this.


I see the same compliment almost every day on the internet: Whenever someone has really nice skin, people everywhere write comments like, “What moisturizer does she use?”, “What’s the routine, girl?” or the classic, “Drop the skincare routine!”


I’ve posted a lot of selfies. Like, a lot. And I have never, ever, been asked about my skincare routine. Is my skin unremarkable or something? Do not answer that.


I have a fifteen-step skincare routine that includes a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, mask, serums, moisturizer, and sprays, but I guess it’s not doing enough because no one has ever noticed that I spend $200 on skincare every month – not even my mother. She only tells me when I “look tired”.


How am I supposed to stay positive when all my hard work keeps going unrecognized?


I even tried something different this morning to see if anyone would notice: I put on my spray before my moisturizer, and I still didn’t receive any questions or compliments about it. What am I doing wrong?


Should I just give up? Again, don’t tell me.



Skincare is marketed as self-care, but how am I supposed to feel good about myself when no one notices all the hard work I put into my skin? It’s beginning to make me question my very reality, my very existence. Am I dead? Or worse, alive but pallid?


At this point, I am on my knees and begging for anyone to ask me about my skincare routine so that I can give them a 20-minute presentation about it. I just want external validation and an excuse to do a reel about it! Is that too much to ask?!