I LIVED IT: My Sister Is Having a Baby Even Though I’m Clearly Not Ready to Be an Aunt

I Lived it:

Communication has always been the most important thing in my relationships. That’s why, when my sister decided to have a baby without so much as consulting me, I felt utterly blindsided.


How could she do this to me? I’m nowhere near ready to be an aunt!


I’m not saying it was selfish of her to make this decision without running it by me first, but I am saying I would’ve liked a heads up that I’m about to have one more person to buy Christmas gifts for now. This is a huge financial burden that I’m not even remotely prepared to take on just yet – and my sister knows that! I got her a homemade coupon book for hugs last Christmas, for god’s sake! 


Couldn’t she have at least waited until I was in a better place financially, so I could move into a big house and the kid would think I’m cool? At the very least, I would’ve appreciated some time to curate my style a little bit more so they would know I’m the “sophisticated jetsetter” type of aunt – but no! My sister didn’t even so much as get me the Tabi ankle boots I wanted for my birthday. Now the kid’s going to know I’m a penniless, fashionless sloven! 


This is not how I wanted to start my “cool aunt” journey!


It doesn’t help that this was an unplanned pregnancy – on my part, anyway. My sister had apparently been tracking her ovulation cycle for months prior to getting pregnant, but still left me totally in the dark. I guess I thought it was still going to be just us for a while, plus her husband, Dan — but just because they’ve been married for seven years and have always wanted to start a family of their own doesn’t mean they can just spring this on me!


I know we live on other sides of the country and haven’t resided in the same home since high school, but I thought we were a team, Kristen! What if I’m not ready for the commitment to visit this kid two, or maybe three, times per year?



How am I supposed to focus on my career with this type of overwhelming responsibility?


At the end of the day, I know it’s my sister’s decision to decide when she wants to have children. But for the next one, I’d just like a little warning so I can plan how to subtly win their affections and, with time, become the only one they turn to for advice and weed. Is that so much to ask?