I LIVED IT: I Had to Make Eye Contact During My Wedding Vows

I Lived it:

Ever since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of having the wedding of my dreams and getting married to the person with whom I truly want to spend the rest of my life. Yesterday, I finally got to experience the event I’ve been planning in my head for ages, but for whatever reason I never realized one crucial requirement of having a wedding: I would have to maintain eye contact for the entirety of both of our vows.


I’ve never felt more uncomfortable in my life.


It was bad enough that everyone was staring at me while I walked as best as I could down the aisle, staring directly ahead of me. But then, I actually had to look my partner in the eyes showing them I “loved” them while reading them something that I spent weeks working on that expressed exactly how I feel.


No one should ever have to go through that.


In that moment, I desperately wanted someone to object to the wedding, not because I don’t love my partner, but because I just really needed a break from the prolonged public display of intimacy.


It’s difficult enough making eye contact with anyone, ever, at all. I never look people in the eye for more than 20 seconds. It doesn’t matter if they’re my friends, family, or my soon-to-be spouse.


It’s just not natural!



I love my partner so much that it can’t even be fully put into words, and I simply can’t imagine my life without them. But should I have to gaze into their eyes while they look back at me for what seemed like three hours? Absolutely not. 


There’s only so much eye contact I can take before I self-destruct.


However, despite being in the most anxiety-inducing situation I could ever imagine, I’m so happy that I’m finally married to the love of my life, because now I don’t have to do that shit ever again.