I Just Don’t Get How to Make Sock Puppets

Me Time for Mom:

Today, I’m not here to be the kooky fun mom. I’m here to make a serious confession:


I just don’t get the sock puppet thing. How do I make them?


I mean, I get the mechanics of it. You put stuff on the sock. You put your hand in the sock. You move your hand around. I get that. But try as I might, I cannot see my socked hand as a friendly creature capable of speech and entertainment. People tell me to “use my imagination”, but that is not helpful. I tried that once and it just made me think my hands had turned into feet. It was really upsetting.


But I will not just sit back and take this sitting down. So readers, here are my main questions about how in the world you make and use a sock puppet.


Where does the nose go?

And if you’re telling me sock puppets don’t have noses, I’m gonna give up right here. Everybody has a nose! Even animals! Let’s not get too creative!


Am I supposed to be jamming both arms into the sock and using one hand to manipulate the mouth and the other to be the arms and legs?

Because that’s what I think is happening on TV and what I’ve been doing and it makes my kids cry.


How much glue are you supposed to use to glue on the hat?

I have been wetting the whole heel down with glue. It works like shit. Also, is the hat supposed to be another sock? You’re only supposed to use socks to make sock puppets right? My kids’ teachers say they’re regressing.



How many finger holes do you make so your fingers can pop out to be the hair?

I just made one big one. It looks weird. Is it maybe my finger shape that’s the problem? How should hair “move”?


Are the teeth invisible?

I’ve looked up so many pictures of sock puppets online, but I can never see their teeth. Is there some way to make invisible teeth for my sock puppet at home? The ones I make have “scary teeth” according to my husband, who’s now distant.


How do you get it off your hand?

It’s been five days and I’m starting to swell up. Very hard to drive the kids to playdates.
Thanks for hearing me out and giving me a safe space to ask my mom questions, judgment-free. Please respond in the comments below with answers to any and all of these questions! Thanks fellow moms!!!!