I Didn’t Drink Alcohol For A Month, So I’m Pretty Fucked Up Right Now

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At the beginning of this month, I was feeling like my body needed a change. After a summer of parties, beer crawls and late nights – I wanted a reset. That’s why I decided to quit alcohol for a month and, yeah, it’s also why I’m pretty fucked up right now.


I know going “dry” for one month might not sound hard to some, but it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I love to have a drink with my girlfriends and it was always difficult to avoid drinking at weddings and work parties. But you know what? I did it! And to be honest, my body felt incredible. Tonight I had my first drink in a whole month and that’s why I’m super fuggin’ fucked up has anybody seen my bag?


Quitting drinking for a month had so many positive effects on my health: I slimmed down, felt less bloated and overall was more focused during the day. I also learned a lot about my social anxieties and the ways in which I use alcohol to MY BAG. WHERE IS MY BAG?? I’m so fucked up and did somebody take my fuckin’ bag?? SERIOUSLY????


More importantly, being sober made me appreciate that alcohol can be a special treat and not something that I need at the end of every day. Right now all I need is someone in this fuggin’ bar to just literally listen to me? Hello?! Can someone just like help me find my bag?! Ughhhhhhhh. My brains are HELLO! Oh my god I haaaaave to dance!



It’s nice to come back to drinks after a month of being a good girl. I just like, love you guys so much and when I find my bag, it’s fine! Like, it’s fine I can pay for a Lyft. But, ughhh my phone is in my bag. MY BAG. You should try a sober month it’s soooooo fun. I’m so fucked up right now, like I’m so drunk. Because I didn’t drink. Did I tell you how I didn’t drink for a month? Hey where are you going?


Being sober for one month up until tonight definitely changed my relationship with alcohol and mostly I’m just glad to be back, baby! Heck ya vodka soda is my shit! I love this song.


Anyway, once I find my bag, I think I’m ready to leave. I only got one drink though so does someone have cash there’s a credit card min.