Has PC Culture Gone Too Far Now That One Rapist Is Being Held Accountable?

As allegations against Harvey Weinstein have mounted in the past week, the public has become outraged at the blatant abuse of power against women. But this angry reaction begs an important question—has PC culture gone too far now that one rapist is being held accountable?


I live in America because of the freedom—specifically the freedom to do anything to a marginalized population without consequence or punishment. Seeing one powerful man get punished for his alleged abuse of hundreds of women is a threat to that.


First we hold one sexual assaulter accountable after letting him get away with years of abuse—what next? We start regularly punishing people guilty of violence against women? That just doesn’t sound like the culture I signed up for.


I’m not going to argue with statistics—millions of women are survivors of sexual violence. Rape is one of the most underreported violent crimes with staggeringly low conviction rates. But even if I admit that sexual violence against women, trans, and nonbinary people is an epidemic, I can’t help but worry that our need to constantly be politically correct by “protecting vulnerable people” and “making sure men who abuse women are held accountable” is becoming a problem.


The thing about PC culture is that it’s a slippery slope. It starts with women asking for basic respect and human empathy, but where does it stop? Certainly not at one single man getting fired from his job after he admitted to using his power to pressure women into sexual situations. It’s getting out of hand!


What happened to the good old days—you know, the ones where we didn’t have the internet as a place women’s voices could be heard, and most people were too terrified to speak up about their oppression? That was the real America.



We need to get back to a time where we just let men be men and women be women. The only people who PC culture helps are those who are vulnerable and abused. And that’s gotta end up hurting me at some point, because I enjoy the current state of things.


It’s time for us to admit that political correctness is ruining lives—specifically the one life that has come into public view after he ruined hundreds of other lives. It’s simply gone too far!