Roommate Who Never Takes Out the Recycling Just Got Another Package

In a perplexing story coming out of Brooklyn, NY, roommate Annie Grier, who never takes out the recycling, just got another package this morning.


According to reports, this is the last straw.


“I’ve been taking out the recycling every week for months now,” you told us. “At this point, it seems like she doesn’t even know that we have a recycling bin, but then again if that were true then she wouldn’t be stuffing it full of cardboard and envelopes all the fucking time.”



Annie has reportedly received packages almost every other day, but witnesses still aren’t sure when the last time she took out the recycling even was.


“I think she did it once when we first moved in,” you said. “She literally never did it after that, but she keeps talking about how we should start composting.”


While Annie may, in fact, have an online shopping addiction, this isn’t the biggest problem in the apartment right now. There reportedly might even be a roommate meeting in the upcoming future, depending on how much you care about taking out the recycling every week without complaining.


“I haven’t said anything yet,” you reported. “But something’s gotta give.”


We were able to speak with Annie as well, but she wasn’t willing to say very much on the matter.


“Oh, I didn’t think it was my turn to do it this week or anything,” she told us. “I kind of just figured that one of us would take it out when we notice it gets full, and I’m not a neat freak or anything, so I guess I just didn’t notice.”


When we asked Annie if she plans to take out the recycling more in the future, she declined to comment.


At press time, you’re still taking out the recycling every week but you stopped washing the dishes as much.


“It’s not much,” you said. “But I think she’ll take the hint.”


Reportedly, she won’t.