Wow! This Girl Was So Laid-Back She Fell Into a Lake!

Cincinnati resident Grace Taylor has always been considered a laid-back person, but this week, Taylor exceeded all expectations when she was so laid back that she fell into a lake.


Just moments after explaining to a group of close friends that she is “super laid back” and “chill about whatever,” Taylor proved her point by flopping straight into Candlewood lake..


Some of Taylor’s friends were inspired by the incident, while other more high-strung Americans voiced concern for Taylor.


“Grace fell right in, as if she was so laid-back that even her natural instincts couldn’t kick in,” claims Taylor’s best friend, Anna Blockman. “Sure, she’s always been chill AF. We just never knew it would go this far.”


Taylor’s roommate, Bri Pinkman agrees. “I like to think of myself as a laid-back person,” she says. “But I do like to take care of myself. Like, I can keep standing up. If you can’t, that’s a problem.”



But many are coming to Taylor’ defense on Twitter, with users like @ButtsnButts posting, “She is truly an inspo to all of us out here trying to be accepted by society by not caring!” Other users are opting to post memes that are actually just picture of a still lake with the hashtag #LakeBackAF.


Taylor’s mom Eileen confirmed that her daughter was always laid back, sharing she literally never cared about a single thing her entire life, “especially school.”


“I have always been so proud,” she says. “This really shows the world that it’s possible to let nothing get to you, even an inability to swim.”
Taylor was unable to be reached for comment at press time, as she was still kind of drowning.