Brave! Woman Leaves For The Night With Only 22% Battery

Natalie Pratt was about to leave for a night out last Friday when she realized she hadn’t charged her iPhone since that morning. Yet she bravely left anyway, in spite of having only 22% battery.


Pratt had a full evening of plans lined up for the evening including two birthdays, a going away party, and even three potential hookups. Most events would require heavy texting.


Roommate Cristina Hernandez was blown away by Pratt’s decision to leave with an uncharged phone.


“I told her to just flip the phone to airplane mode and give it a little time to get some juice,” Hernandez says. “But Natalie seemed worried that she was going to be late to the first event, which was a surprise party.”


Hernandez added: “She’s so fearless.”


Witnesses say that Pratt’s phone had already received a Low Battery warning by the time she arrived, yet didn’t panic or ask the bartender to charge her phone.


“She said she wanted to wear her smaller clutch, so she didn’t even bring a charger,” friend Em Maddax explains. “I offered her to use mine and she shrugged and said ‘Maybe later.’ I almost cried out of sheer awe.”


As expected, Pratt’s phone died while on her way to the second birthday of the evening when the screen went black. She had been in the middle of an “on my way!” text to her friend when the conversation cut short, so Pratt reportedly had to navigate her way to the bar relying only on her understanding of the grid-like system of numbered streets and avenues as her guide.



Pratt hadn’t thought to look up the street address of the bar she was headed to, and had to stop by a nearby establishment to ask for directions on the final leg of her journey.


In the end, Pratt made it to the second birthday party in time to hug the birthday girl before she was too drunk to remember Pratt’s appearance. And according to witnesses, Pratt traveled with friends to the final event of the night before going home with a guy who let her use her charger overnight.


“Natalie is clearly a very spiritual person who just has faith in the world,” Maddax grins. “We could all be more like her.”


“Last Friday I found out that when you’re vulnerable and you need help, people will be there for you,” shares Pratt. “I’d encourage everybody to let their phone die for a couple hours at some point in their adult lives. It’s a great learning experience!”