How to Wear Cargo Pants Without Saying, ‘I Can Fit a Whole Box of Tampons in Here’

Cargo pants are back in style again, and lots of people are wondering how to style these big, industrial trousers without constantly telling people, “I can fit an entire box of tampons in here, you know!” If you’re wondering how to fight the urge, then here are some tips on how to control yourself even though you can fit a whole entire package of feminine hygiene products inside your new, old pants!


Take a deep breath.

When someone says, “Hey, nice cargo pants,” and you’re finding it difficult to avoid saying they can fit a whole box of tampons in just one of the pockets, then take a moment to focus on mindfulness instead. Take a deep breath in, then a deep breath out, and repeat this for however long it takes to stop feeling like you still need to tell somebody, anybody, about the bulk tampon box size of your utilitarian pockets. This isn’t like having a dress with pockets – trust us.


Focus on styling them.

A great way to distract yourself from saying that you could fit 48 tampons in your cargo pants pockets is to try to style them instead! But keep in mind that you may find this extremely hard to do. Sure, you remember what you wore with them in middle school, but now that you’re an actual adult it’s gonna take some finesse to pull them off. Good luck trying to yell about how your pants can hold an almost unlimited amount of tampons when you’re struggling to decide what shoes to wear with them! If no one compliments your outfit, then it’s okay to bring up the tampons thing. At least you tried.



Fill them with other things instead.

If all else fails and you simply can’t go five seconds without exclaiming how many tampons your gigantic pockets can fit, then go ahead and fill your pockets with something else instead, like loose candy, cool rocks you found on the ground, change, and a box of pads!


So if you want to hop onto the cargo pants train, but you’re struggling to wear them without telling everyone around you how many tampons you could fit inside them, then try out any of the tips above to curb your habit and focus on how loose and luxuriously baggy your new pants are instead! Menstruation is still a secret!