How to Start a Small Business in Your Home with the Help of Your Husband

Anyone can start a business from home with a little hard work and know-how. Unfortunately, you don’t really know much about business since you left the workforce to become a housewife. But your husband can probably help! You’re pretty busy with the kids and Pilates, so why shouldn’t he help you chase this dream that you just came up with over drinks with friends? Here’s how to get started!


Have a good business idea.

Think of an idea that would make money. Or conversely, an idea that doesn’t generally make money but sounds like it would be fun. Don’t worry if it’s something you don’t know how to do. Mike can help with the housework until you figure it out. Spend at least a few minutes coming up with ideas before you settle on one. Then ask Mike where he keeps his highlighters.


Decorate your home office.

Got an office? Maybe you need to move to a bigger house with an office. Your husband can help with that. Or maybe he’ll give you his home office or a corner of his actual work office. Won’t it be fun working on something together for once instead of discussing the logistics of raising your kids?! Go on Pinterest for fun organizational ideas. You’re gonna need to paint your new office a bright color to really feel inspired. Mike can paint it on the weekend since he refuses to come to the mall with you. If he doesn’t cooperate, withhold sex.



Hire help.

At this point, Mike’s probably not helping as much as you thought he would. You need help with this! Have him rearrange your budget so that he can hire someone to help you with the hard stuff, like accounting and the website and actually running the business. There’s probably a way to get it in the phone book, too. Make a Pinterest board to show your new employees your vision for the company.


Tell people about the business.

The best advertising is word-of-mouth. Plus it sounds cool to say you have your own business! Tell all your friends and make sure Mike has put the word out to his coworkers, family, and his men’s basketball league. He needs to find you investors because these expenses are really starting to pile up!


Figure out social media.

Luckily you’ve got Pinterest covered and you’re on Facebook, but Mike’s gonna need to figure out how to make a business page that he can get all his friends and people to like.


Have a party!

The best way to share you’re business with the world is to have a party celebrating the business. If your business has products involved, feature some of them at the party. Giving away free stuff is a good way to generate interest in your brand. If the party is outdoors, you’re going to want to rent a tent in case it rains so things don’t get ruined. Go on Pinterest for other fun ideas.


There you go – now you have a business! Have Mike take a picture of you doing business-y stuff and pin it to your business board!