How To Smile At Your Birthday Brunch Even Though Life Is Slipping Through Your Fingers Like Sand

Going out and celebrating with friends for brunch and bottomless mimosas is a great way to celebrate getting older! But how do you stay present and have fun when you suddenly gaze into the distance, realizing that you’re hurtling toward death at full speed, without much to show for it? Here’s how to smile at everyone around you even though everything you’ve built and everyone you’ve loved is slowly slipping through your fingers like sand upon the ocean.


Hit the gym before brunch.

We know, it’s your day to relax, but you’re gonna need those endorphins coursing through your body if you’re going to smile for two hours in spite of the acute awareness of your inevitable decline. And since you’re not getting any younger, you may as well try to maintain some semblance of health. Sigh. As if you can take that to the grave. This is all turning into a faint memory already.


Think about babies and puppies!
You might be an aging sack trash rolling down the hill toward the dark and meaningless void, but there is still hope out there for others. Scan the restaurant for little ones. If you can’t find them, just imagine they’re there. Imagine there’s some hope in the world. Maybe this fleeting life is slipping right by you like a thief in the night, but babies are too young to realize their fate. Think about that and try to crack a grin.


Invite a funny friend.
It’s a lot to ask of yourself to try to be upbeat when you are literally at your darkest hour – your own birthday. So bring someone along who can help lift your spirits, crack a joke, and maybe provide some gallows humor about how, before you know it, you’ll be staring out the window of a retirement home, alone, as everything you had to live for evaporates before your eyes. Haha!


Watch some funny videos!

If looking around at all your loving friends who will also eventually fade away to nothing is too much for you, go into the bathroom and watch a couple of funny videos on YouTube. Maybe that one where Tiffany Haddish talks about the swamp tour! Celebrities sort of never die, you know? Try not to think about all the beloved dead celebrities and return to your table like you’re happy to be there. Pull your mouth wide and try not to scream.



When time is slipping, slipping away, it can be hard to act like there’s anything to be happy about in the whole world. Use these tricks and fool people into thinking that you think aging is cool and fun!