How To Shut The Fuck Up Megyn Kelly

Sometimes people, especially white people, talk a lot about things they don’t understand. Interestingly, it makes people want those people to shut the fuck up for once. For instance, Megyn Kelly of Megyn Kelly Today could, instead of being racist, actually shut the fuck up for once in her problematic life. Here’s how to shut the fuck up Megyn Kelly. And yes, we are specifically talking to you.


Don’t Say Words

Instead of saying words, you could not say words. This sounds simple, but seems to be a lot harder in practice? Especially for Megyn, who we are literally talking to directly here. If you are about to say the words “back when I was a kid” blackface was “okay”, try one time instead of saying that, to not say that. Also, you are fucking 47, when in your life has this ever been “okay”? Damn, you’ve been racist since literal day one! STFU Megyn!


Close Your Mouth No Matter What

If you are wanting to talk, actually just close your mouth instead of opening it. And we’re not just talking about today, Megyn. Remember when you didn’t believe the murder of unarmed black men by white police officers had to do with race? Remember when you said “I’d like to know the proof”? We do, and we can’t believe you still haven’t simply closed your mouth due to your brain wanting to say racist stuff. But here you are, once again, opening that big ol’ mouth to spout literal racism!


Use Your Ears?

You have ears, we checked! Use them? Just a suggestion but also a demand because we are sick of you literally being someone with a platform despite the fact that you are so obviously a disgusting bigot who denies the history of slavery in our country. You victim-blamed Sandra Bland and still have an NBC show? This is hell! Put your mouth away and take your ears out and stop giving us shitty apologies after you say something horribly racist that execs are only slightly mad at you for for some reason. Actually start comprehending how fucking horrible you are! Shut the fuck up, you racist idiot!



In conclusion, shut the fuck up Megyn Kelly. And if you are not Megyn Kelly, send this to Megyn Kelly, or maybe also the 53% of white women who voted for Trump! You can shut up too!