How To Shake It Off But Still Take Constructive Criticism

If there’s one thing for certain, it is that haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate. While we all need to shake it off to remain focused on your goals, it’s foolish to ignore that some people are really trying to give you some useful feedback on your behavior. Like anyone over the age of 22, you need to learn how to tell the difference between snark from the fakers, and tangible, constructive criticism. Here are some common observations that you shouldn’t shake off entirely:


“You stay out too late.”

Although it might stop you from cruising, it’s worth listening to any criticism about your sleep schedule. When you’re older coworker Maureen tells you this, you might think she’s just a middle-aged hater, jealous that you’re feeling like you’re 22. But getting at least eight hours of sleep a night is extremely important in being a highly functional adult. Remember, being a highly functional adult is a good thing, so don’t ignore this advice as it’s definitely not coming from a faker.


“You go on too many dates.”

Going on too many dates is a problem you may have when you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break. One Tinder swipe can suddenly turn into dozens of fellas with hella good hair. Going on too many dates leads to not being able to make them stay, so consider slowing things down in the dating department if a so called “hater” informs you of their opinion. Being a player is fun, but not when you’re only playing, playing, playing. Staying, staying, staying with a boyfriend is healthy, too.


“You keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving, through stop signs.”

Backseat driving may be annoying, but when the complaints are coming from a crossing guard outside of a Montessori school, your ears should perk up. Traffic rules are in place to keep people alive, so follow them so that you don’t kill someone else. I know it’s easy to just listen to the first part of the sentence, but the music in your mind will be wrong when your Volvo’s tread marks are lining the back of a seven-year-old child.



“You make the moves up as you go.”

It may seem romantic in the moment, but you may have a serious problem with planning ahead. If your family or friends are suggesting that perhaps you’re aimless and flailing, that probably means something is wrong somewhere. Saying your loved ones are just “lying, dirty cheats” won’t your life any more stable, either. Try and make active choices in your life so that people can support your goals, because your internal struggle is what we don’t see, no that’s what we don’t see.


You only date fellas over there with hella good hair.”

Sure, hella good hair is attractive, but “oh my god,” that’s how you wound up with an ex-man and how he wound up with a new girlfriend, so maybe don’t shake off the notion that you only date guys in blazers named Jacob who just haven’t come to terms with their own sexuality.


So there you have it – shake off the haters, but don’t ignore that constructive criticism to help you achieve your life goals. Now go out there and help your fellow sisters who are too busy shaking it off to realize what horrible mistakes they’re making!