How to Sell Your Old Clothes as if You’re Ever Going to Do That

Whether you’ve outgrown your clothes, your style has changed, or you’re just looking to make an extra buck, you’ve probably thought about selling the clothes you don’t wear anymore to make some cash. But if you’re not exactly sure where to start, then follow this guide on how to sell all of your old clothes, as if you’re ever going to put the effort in to actually follow through with that. 


Try online marketplaces like eBay, Depop, or Poshmark.

E-commerce sites are great for taking the hassle out of handling transactions with customers, while also giving you an organized platform to post all the clothes you no longer wear. This would be great if you were actually going to use them to do this, but once you download one of them, you’ll probably just scroll and look at hundreds of other clothes that you definitely don’t need. Even though you might not sell anything, you can still get a cool jacket you’ll have to sell later, too!


Post your clothes on social media.

Sometimes using your own Instagram story to get the attention of people who are interested in buying your clothes is enough to get rid of your old threads and make a decent amount of money. This way, you don’t even have to create a log-in for another website or deal with any strangers on the internet, which would be so cool if you actually used your free time to do the simple action of taking pictures of your clothes and posting them onto your account. Still nice to know that this is an option, though!



Open up a sidewalk sale.

If you live near a popular street, this might be prime real estate for your very own sidewalk sale. All you need to have for this is a clothing rack, some stamina, and a willingness to talk to people on the sidewalk. But we already know that you don’t have any of that, so maybe just find somewhere in your room to stuff all those clothes where you’ll hopefully never ever see them again. 


Sell your clothes to a thrift store.

Handing over your clothes to a store like Buffalo Exchange or any other thrift shop is great if you’d rather have a store deal with the pricing and selling of all your items. However, they probably won’t pay you very much because they’re trying to make a profit, or they just won’t accept your clothes at all, which is pretty devastating either way. So, maybe you shouldn’t do this after all.


So next time you look at the pile of clothes you’ll never wear again building up in the corner of your room, try using one, or all, of these ways to sell them, even though you’re literally not going to do that no matter how many times you say you will. Good luck!