The 4 Best Apps For Selling Your Shitty Clothes

Selling your old clothes is a great way to make a little extra cash – well, it would be if your clothes weren’t so shitty. Unfortunately, resale value deteriorates when clothes are worn or just straight-up bad to begin with (like yours). But if you must attempt to sell your shitty clothes, here are the five best apps where you can avoid the laughter of going to a consignment shop in person.




This might seem like an outdated way to sell used goods, but eBay is still going strong with a wide array of high-end clothing, including rare and discontinued items. Unfortunately, your seven-year-old, pit-stained white Zara top doesn’t really fall into this category and you will make no money on here. Sorry.



ThredUp is one of the largest online resale stores for fashion. You can even request a “Clean Out Kit”, fill the bag with your unwanted items, then send it back to have your clothes categorized and listed. But no matter how big the pile of your shitty clothes, they will not make your stretched leggings and pilling Modcloth sweater desirable in any way.



This site has over 5,000 brands, and it’s incredibly easy to list your items. Just don’t expect anyone to buy them. Chewed-up Nikes are not exactly in demand, sweetie. You should know that by now.



The RealReal

The RealReal is a great place to buy and sell high-end luxury garments, including clothes, jewelry, watches, and even art. Notice we didn’t say anything about your mom’s old bean boots? You can keep those.


Despite the rise in fast fashion, there are now more places than ever to sell used goods in decent condition. Too bad you don’t have anything like that.